Answered By: William White
Last Updated: Aug 16, 2014     Views: 29

How do we give a user access to our department share folder? 

Access to department share folders must be requested by the department Chair/Secretary or by the user’s direct supervisor. Requests for access can be easily completed by email by copying the template below and emailing it to the RITE Support Desk, Requests can also be submitted by calling the RITE Support Desk (878-4357).

When you contact the RITE Support Desk, they will need the following information to submit a work order:

  • Full name of person needing access
  • Username of person needing access
  • Name of the department share folder  (\\bscappm1\Folder Name)
  • Access/permission required (i.e. read only; read/write; read/write/modify)  

 Email request template:

I, (supervisor’s name), would like to request that (Full name and username of the person needing access) have (Level of access, i.e. Read Only, Read/Write, or Read/Write/Modify) to (Name of the Department Share folder).

Once access has been setup, the RITE Support Desk will send a follow up email with links that include instructions on mapping the drive from their computer.

The links are also available here:

For PC:

For Macs: