Answered By: William White
Last Updated: Aug 16, 2014     Views: 52

Add a Delegate

To add a delegate in Outlook 2011 do the following:

1.     Open Outlook.

2.     Click Tools then click on Accounts.

3.     Select the account on which you want to add a delegate, and click Advanced.

4.     Click the Delegates tab then click add (+) under Delegates who can act on my behalf:.

5.     Search for the person you want to make your delegate. 

6.     Highlight the person and select OK.

7.     Click the Calendar drop-down menu to select a delegate type. The three types of delegates are described below:

Editor- An editor can make changes to your calendar. When you make someone an editor, you can decide to have that person receive meeting-related emails sent to you. An editor can create meetings on your behalf; an editor can also accept and decline meeting requests on your behalf.

Author - An author can create meetings on your calendar, but cannot make any other changes. An author is less powerful than an editor.

Reviewer - A reviewer can view your calendar, but cannot make any changes to it. A reviewer has the least permissions.

8.     If you select Editor, you have the option to check the box labeled, Delegate receives meeting invites.

9.     If this box is checked, your delegate will be able to easily accept or decline meeting requests on your behalf.

10.  Put a check mark in the box labeled Send permissions summary.

11.  Click OK then click on OK on the following screen.