Answered By: Al Riess
Last Updated: Jul 31, 2014     Views: 708

Here's how to configure a computer keyboard for Spanish language letters and characters.

Instructions for PCs (Windows 7/Vista/XP):

  1. click on Start button in task bar
  2. click on Control Panel
  3. click on Clock, Language and Region
  4. then in Region & Language, click on Change keyboards or other input methods
  5. click on Keyboards and Languages tab
  6. click on Change Keyboards
  7. in Install Services, click on Add button
  8. scroll to Spanish (Spain, International Sort)
  9. click on plus symbol to the left
  10. then click on plus symbol next to the word keyboard
  11. check the box Spanish
  12. click the OK button, then click the next two OK buttons that appear

After adding the new keyboard configuration, to change between English and Spanish, hold down the LEFT Alt key and press any Shift key.  Some computers will give you a language switch option in the lower right of the task bar.

Picture of Spanish language keyboard (from Wesleyan University)