Answered By: Ken Fujiuchi
Last Updated: Sep 19, 2018     Views: 717

These are the recommended instructions to add a persistent URL into your Blackboard course. Please confirm that the persistent URL starts with

The web page Creating Persistent URLs To Online Resources contains database-specific rules for the creation of persistent URLs, which vary depending on database and/or vendor.

Choose the course where you would like to use the link

Choose a content section within your course

You may also use folders to organize your content, so make sure you are in the correct folder.

Click the Build Content button and choose Web Link

Enter the Web Link information

  1. Enter the text for your link
  2. Paste the persistent URL.
  3. Optional: add a descriptive text for the link.

Make sure you set the Web Link Options to "Open in New Window"

You will need to make sure the persistent URL opens in a new window. This is because content from other databases does not always work within the Blackboard course. By choosing the "Open in New Window" option, it will open the link in a new window or tab.

Don't forget to click "Submit"

Don't forget to click "Submit"

You should now see the link appear in your Blackboard course